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The Monster Militia is a group of diversified people from all over the Orlando area and beyond! We are lawyers, doctors, carpenters, truck drivers, Stay at home moms & dads. We are grocery baggers, construction workers, dental technicians, nurses, real estate agents, people just like you... except we all have a common bond. We love the Monsters in the Morning!

We have a great following in the U.K and Germany, and with satellite radio have a fan base that spans the globe!

We also love to party with the Monsters
(& without them)!

This site is dedicated to the fans of the Monsters, It's purpose is to inform all Militia members of up coming events, parties, cruises and appearances of the Monsters.

So, If you love the Monsters and would love to be a Militia Member, Click Here - It's Free!

Meet new friends and enjoy!!

- Tony & Mike

A word about how we exist: Any money collected through donations, sponsors, raffles, etc goes right back into promoting the fan club,paying for hosting service and domain names, the purchase of t-shirts, stickers, printed materials, banners and supplies for the fan club and any events. A lot of the time we partner with local clubs to help promote Militia and Monster events by contributing to the advertising costs.

Our Goal: To grow the fan club and give back to the fans of the show, inform them about any events, and for all Miltia members to have a safe fun time!

Tony Palmiotti President tony@monstermilitia.net PH: 407-923-4014
Mike Manno Vice President mike@monstermilitia.net

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